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Root Ranger Goes Fishing

Root Ranger Nozzle History

The Root Ranger Nozzle was one of the early root cutting nozzles designed in Australia and is one of the best nozzles for cutting tree roots, grease, ice and debris from drains. It has been on the market for many years now and is the 'go to' tool for clearing blocked drains.

There are several knock-off copies of the Root Ranger nozzle that are cheaper and not as effective. They also wear out quickly so you have to replace them more often equating to a false value. 

This is a video we shot on site many years ago with a Ridgid Drain Camera showing the abilities of the early Root Ranger Nozzle inside a 6" earthenware drain. See more in the Blog section of this web site.

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 Flir Thermal Imaging Camera's

Start diagnosing water leaks,
thermally locate pipe tee's
behind walls or blockages
in waste pipes like a pro!

Water leaking from behind
breeching piece in shower
found in 30 seconds!


Top of the line Flir Thermal
Imaging Camera's from just
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The Jetters Edge sells and distributes products made by Mustang Nozzles Pty Ltd who owns various Intellectual Property including Patents, Registered Designs, and Copyrights in Australia and the US.

Racejet Boss 5000 Turbo Charged Flame Throwing Jetter!


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