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Buying your first Water Jetter and Drain Camera?

High Pressure Water Jetters have been in use for clearing blocked drains for many years now. Compact units like the Racejet 4300 have been made specifically for plumbers, by plumbers and have been slowly replacing the old powered eel. Water jetters have many benefits over an eel including the following;


  1. Easier and faster to operate
  2. No electricity required to run jetter, just a garden tap
  3. No chance of being electrocuted
  4. Charge out more for the jetter – Client gets a better job
  5. Single person operation – Does a better job at clearing all blockages
  6. Machine stays on vehicle, no heavy lifting/WHS risks
  7. Just wipe the hose when finished grease lines, no greasy cables!
  8. Mini Reel holds double the length of 2 eel cable carriers full of cables
  9. No mess when working in a house or office
  10. Average choke cleared in half the time means more jobs done in a day/more profits!
  11. Scrubs the inside of the pipes using water only, without damaging the pipes
  12. Will do various other work including gutter and driveway cleaning, venturi pumping etc.
  13. Uses less water than eel when testing drain after job (averages 100 litres per job)

A water jetter will require regular maintenance every 6 – 12 months depending on its use. Premium jet hoses, in the right hands will last many years on the mini reel and on the main feed reel. Racejet have low water and low oil cut-out switches to prevent the engine and pump from damage and a battery switch to extend their AGM battery life up to 3 years. The average plumber’s jetter, used 5 times a day, 5 days a week will run for 4 years before requiring a major overhaul costing around $600. The total income for those 5 years equates to $1.95m based on an average charge out rate of $300 per job.

Not all jetters are the same! There have been many jetter sales shops opening up all over Australia promising a better machine for less money. The old saying “too good to be true” sums it up! Do your research, look for a high quality pump and engine. Ask for customer referrals. Pay a bit more now for a high quality jetter like the ‘Racejet’ brand and it will save you thousands of dollars down the track when you find yourself relying on it every day! Down time is expensive. Always buy high quality hardened stainless steel nozzles, they too will cost more but last for years.

This is extremely important and an area that most jetter sales companies overlook. You must have a sound knowledge of your jetter and how it operates before you use it or you let one of your employees use it. It is a great tool just like any other tool you have, if used correctly.


Do water jetters get stuck in drains?
If the pipe is broken a jet hose will get stuck in a drain, just like an eel, see picture, eel caught in opened pipe joint....

Lease or Buy?
Leasing a jetter will cost around $10 a day. Remember this; you make money by using other people’s money and other people’s time. If you can benefit by owning it now, why wait by saving up for the equipment when you can start charging it out now and make money on the equipment hire especially when jetter charge out rates are 30% higher than eel rates.

What happens if I break a jet hose?
If you don’t own a portable hose repairer, take your hose to any hose repairer and they will fit a new swage end to your hose for around $35.

Will the quick connector stop me getting around bends and traps?
We designed a shortened version of the quick connector and fitted a patented silt proof o’ring behind the outer sheath to prevent silt from jamming the coupler. All our nozzles including the Root Ranger root cutting nozzle will negotiate pvc gullys, junctions and 90 degree bends. They also go through 90mm pvc storm water drains.

How do I clear ‘tilers cement’ from first floor 50mm shower drains?
We designed a 1/8” Whip Hose for cutting cement and debris from small pipes including shower waste traps and calcium deposits from urinals. It will also go around most toilet bowls to clear paper chokes. You can take it up to multi level office blocks and clear 32mm waste pipes.

What camera system do you recommend?
We use Ridgid camera gear for everyday household and small commercial drains up to 6”. They are tough enough to give to a first year apprentice and have it returned still operating! They also have many new features and recording options making your job of diagnosing the problem simple.

If you would like more information on any of the above topics or a quote on a high pressure water jetter and camera/locator to suit your needs, please contact
or call our office on Ph: 02 9986 1186 or Ph: 1300 JETTING