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The Complete Range of FlexShaft Hoses

The Renssi Collection of Flexshaft Tools includes a wide range of sleeve chain knockers for drain cleaning. Click on the products below to explore the various types of Flexshaft, Chain Heads and Sandpaper Heads to work alongside your existing drain cleaning equipment. Watch the demo video to see how Recommended Plumbing and Gas in WA used their new Flexshaft for the first time in a section of steel pipe.

  • Flexshaft - ready-to-use cable.
  • Chain Heads - a full range of chain heads from 6mm to 10mm.
  • Sandpaper Heads - grind inside a pipe with 4 sandpaper attachments on the head.
  • Adaptors - full range of Renssi adaptors for Flexshaft products.

Why Choose FlexShaft for Drain Cleaning?

Versatility and Adaptability
The FlexShaft is a ready-to-use cable that offers unparalleled versatility. It adapts effortlessly to various drain cleaning requirements, making it an ideal choice for plumbers dealing with diverse pipe materials and configurations.=

Efficiency in Operation
FlexShaft technology optimizes the efficiency of drain cleaning operations. The flexible cable design allows for easy navigation through bends and turns in pipes, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process.

Comprehensive Chain Heads
The Jetters Edge provides a wide range of chain heads ranging from 6mm to 10mm. This diversity allows plumbers to choose the right chain head for specific applications, whether it's addressing stubborn clogs or providing a general cleaning.

Innovative Sandpaper Heads
The inclusion of sandpaper heads in the FlexShaft toolkit brings innovation to drain cleaning. With four sandpaper attachments on the head, plumbers can grind the inside of pipes effectively, achieving a level of cleaning precision that traditional methods may struggle to match.

Adaptors for Seamless Integration
The Jetters Edge complements its FlexShaft tools with a full range of adaptors. These adaptors ensure seamless integration with existing drain cleaning equipment, making it easy for plumbers to incorporate FlexShaft technology into their workflow.

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