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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you'll find answers to the most common questions we get asked here at The Jetters Edge. While we've tried to cover all areas that you may need answers to, you may not find an answer below. You can phone the team on (02) 8331 9164 and speak with them directly if you need further information or email us via the Contact Us page.


We deliver Australia-wide and overseas. There are some restrictions on certain products, but we will advise you of any issues before processing your order.

Our standard delivery cost is $22, however, freight cost is determined by the size and weight of goods ordered, so this figure may vary. Delivery fees are added at checkout.

Once your order has been placed you'll receive a tracking number notifying you of the estimated time of arrival. Standard delivery, within Australia, is 3-5 days. International orders will take longer, but we strive to have your order with you ASAP.


We don’t just sell Jetters; we ask questions; we want to find the best solution for your needs and then quote you on a complete package tailored to suit you.

That depends on what vehicle you have, and what type of work you will be doing with it. Most of the time, there is not one machine that ticks all boxes. After a brief discussion with our team, we will be able to suggest the most suitable machine for your needs, at the right price for your budget.


Most nozzles can be cleaned with a Tip Cleaner  however some turbine nozzles will need to be pulled apart inspected, cleaned and sometimes internal parts replaced.

When it is worn out or no longer serviceable. But it is always good to keep checking your nozzles for wear and tear.

The first service on a new Jetter is at 50hrs. We recommend once a year minimum after that. It also depends on how much you are using your jetter. For example, if you are doing six jets a day 5-days a week, then getting it serviced twice a year would be a better option.

A major service on a jetter is $424.00 +GST. If any problems are found, you will be contacted and quoted before proceeding with any further work.

You can pick one up from the shop on your next visit, or it can be downloaded from our website, along with other safety information.

No, we are happy to do hose repairs for you whilst you wait if you just drop in.


You can find us at Unit A5/15 Narabang Way Belrose NSW 2085.

You can find your nearest dealer here.

Yes. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm.


Yes, we have a few things in our hire fleet, including a dual Jetter, hot water trailer, budget cameras, locator and a smoke machine. View the full hire list here.

Yes, they are. All Mustang Nozzles are proudly engineered and manufactured in Australia, supporting Australian families.


Here are a few steps to follow to troubleshoot your jetter:

*Check you have a full water tank, and you have water going to the machine.

*Make sure you have fuel in the fuel tank, the fuel tap is turned on, and the fuel tank breather is open.

*Ensure the emergency stop button is in the out position to allow the Jetter to start.

*Turn the battery isolator to the on position and check to see if the hours come up on the screen when the key is turned to the on position (Honda).

*Listen to hear if an audible click is heard from the fuel solenoid when turning the key from off to on. (Honda GX690 and Vanguard 27hp and 31hp). Have the main ball valve open and an open main reel hose.

*Crank the machine over with the choke out and ¼ throttle for about 3-4 seconds.

*If it doesn’t start, don’t keep cranking, as you will drain the battery down. If the battery is flat, you can use jumper leads to start the machine.

*If the machine still doesn’t start, check for any loose or broken wires, connectors that have come apart or bullet terminals that are not together correctly. Try again.

*If it still doesn’t start, ring a service agent, and book it in for it to be looked at by a service technician.