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General Trademarks

'The Jetters Edge' sells and distributes products made by Mustang Nozzles Pty Ltd Australia. Mustang Nozzles owns various Intellectual Property including Patents, Registered Designs, and Copyrights in Australia and the US. This includes the method used to generate a straight sharp water flow from a nozzle under pressure known as 'the water injection method'. Non-Exclusive Manufacture Licensing is available on some products. No product may be reproduced in physical or graphical form without consent. Failure to do so will lead to prosecution through their attourney. For further information on protected products please send contact The Jetters Edge.

Extract from article published 2006;

Even though we have secure patents and registered designs on our products to protect cheap dangerous products from entering the market it surprises me that after all the time and effort we put into building safe reliable products for the industry, plumbers and water jet operators will take our products and attempt to have them reverse engineered. If they only knew the expense of pressure testing each part to a standard way above Australian Standards, putting patents and registered designs in place, the cost of carrying public indemnity and liability insurance and the hours spent on R&D then they may understand. We get to hear about everyone who attempts this as the engineering industry has an effective information network across Australia. You would be surprised to know the reputable firms who are trying this on just to save a few dollars and put themselves and their staff at risk. Ask for a Mustang when you order your next nozzle, you will be supporting Australia and your industry.