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I Want a Jetter! Which One Should I Get?

Are you looking to grow your plumbing business? Do you want to add to the services you offer as a local plumber, increasing the range of jobs you can take on? Or do you want to upgrade your existing equipment to improve efficiency and effectiveness when on the job?

With so many jetters available, it can be hard to know which one is the right one! Buying a quality water jetter has helped many plumbers improve their service offerings and, in turn, increased their workload and customer base. But you may be wondering, how do I know what jetter is right for me? How can I make sure it’s powerful enough? How can I ensure it isn’t overkill when It comes to power? Will it fit on my ute? And what else, other than the jetter itself, will I need to purchase to use it effectively?


Thankfully, here at The Jetters Edge, we are well-versed in providing all the necessary information when it comes to purchasing the right jetter for you and expertly installing your new jetter set-up onto your vehicle. So, let’s look at what you need to consider when buying a new jetter or upgrading your current one.

Most water jetting units will end up being installed on the tray of your ute or in your van, so maximising the space that you have available will be crucial to selecting the right jetter for your needs. Our engineering team can offer recommendations on how to utilise your jetter set-up best and make the most of having your jetter installed.


But when it comes to what jetter to purchase, there are a few things to consider.

Durability: Ensure you choose a jetter that will withstand the workload you plan to have. Think about the hours of use it will get and the environment you will be using it in. Some applications can expose your jetter to harsher environments than others, so you need a machine that will withstand what you throw at it.

Water Pressure & Flow Rate: Depending on the jobs you will be doing; you need to have a jetter with high enough pressure and the correct flow rate to carry out your plumbing jobs effectively. Higher pressure and flow rates are needed for larger pipes and more severe blockages, and having the right equipment means you can work more effectively.

Hose Length & Diameter: Closely related to the pressure and flow rates, getting the correct hose for your jetter is something you need to consider. The length and diameter of the hose will determine how far the water jetter can reach and how much water it can deliver. Bigger hoses are needed for larger pipes and greater distances. While, at times, the jetter you choose may determine the hose diameter and length, with many jetters, you will have the option to select both the hose diameter and length that best suits your requirements. The Jetters Edge team will be happy to discuss your options and ensure you have the right size hose.

Nozzles: At The Jetters Edge, we stock 100’s of nozzles designed to carry out a wide range of functions when jetting. Determining your primary needs will pinpoint the nozzles you will need. Will you need root-cutting nozzles? Perhaps rotating nozzles? How big will your nozzles need to be? All of these questions will need to be answered. But you’re not on your own in nozzle selection, as we have the team here to recommend the appropriate nozzle for your jetting needs. You can view the full range of nozzles at The Jetters Edge on our website. Ensuring you select the right nozzle for your jetter (and the job) means you can work more efficiently and effectively.

Maintenance and Servicing: How easy will it be to maintain and get your jetter serviced? If you purchase a jetter from overseas, will it have the necessary service providers to ensure you are not off the road for any length of time? Purchasing a water jetter from a trusted supplier means you have peace of mind when it comes to servicing. Obviously, regular maintenance of your jetter is needed to keep it in working order and reduce the risk of breakdowns and any mishaps due to wearing parts. The Jetters Edge offers service kits for our jetters that include everything you need to help maintain your jetter between services. We recommend having your jetter serviced at least once a year to ensure it is kept in top condition and any potential mechanical issue can be identified before causing any damage. You can even book your service with The Jetters Edge online!

One of the most important recommendations we can make when choosing your jetter is to speak with an expert. Someone with experience in the industry and a passion for jetters. Thankfully, The Jetters Edge is just the place for you to get that information, and we are more than willing to help where we can.

So if you’re thinking of buying a jetter for your business or you’re looking to upgrade, call the team on (02) 9986 1186 to discuss your options and what is best for you and your business. We look forward to hearing from you!