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Jetter Injuries

The following pictures are of injuries that could have been avoided after a jetter comes back out of a drain.

Please ensure you use a non return device to stop the nozzle coming back and wear appropriate PPE.



"This happened to me just over 2 weeks ago. The root ranger doubled back up a shaft got me in the ear with the spear head at then proceeded to wrap around a powerline and get caught in a tree. The ear needed some plastic surgery and 10 stitches!"  Adam.

The Root Ranger Nozzle unexpectedly jumped out of the drain and struck the face of the operator

We sell items like the Mustang Safety Plate to prevent nozzles coming back at the operator.

Please look at your safety measures and see if you need more equipment to make the job safe.

Click this link for further information if you have had an injury

Click this link to see our Safety Page