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The JetEx Just Got Even Better!

Introducing the new JetEx Guide Skid

This exciting new and innovative JetEx Stainless Steel accessory improves the performance of your favourite nozzle! After years of painstakingly meticulous research the team at The Jetters Edge have developed the Guide Skid to fit seamlessly on to your JetEx Stainless Steel and create an even more effective jetting nozzle.

The initial idea behind the JetEx Stainless Steel Turbine was to create a nozzle that was powerful enough to deal with the most severe blockages with ease. This hardened stainless steel nozzle has huge thrust to propel down the line while the front jet’s circular motion smashes away the choke. The turbine jet obliterates organic and non-organic blockages like silt and slurry and sanatory chokes. While the rear jets drive the nozzle forward and blast away the blockage, thoroughly cleaning the line.

The JetEx Guide Skid has been designed to keep the JetEx Stainless Steel Nozzle centered in the drain for more effective cleaning. Two stainless steel grub screws hold it in place, and it has been designed to lock into place when pulling the hose out of the drain to prevent it from coming off. It has ten fins shaped in a way that allows it to negotiate 90-degree bends in pipes 90mm and above.

Watch the Guide Skid in action!

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