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The JetEx Mustang Nozzle Gets Even Better!

The JetEx Turbine Nozzle has long been recognised as one of the best invading nozzles on the market. With rear jets and a front ceramic turbine that focuses the jet at 20 degrees, the JetEx has massive thrust, propelling it down the line, while the front jet’s helix motion smashes away the choke!

Plumbing and drain clearing professionals around the world swear by the JetEx!

So, how do you make an exceptionally well-made nozzle even better? Here’s how!

 JetEx SS

Introducing theJetEx STAINLESS STEEL Turbine Nozzle! That’s right… you improve an outstanding nozzle by creating a hardened stainless steel model. The benefits of the new JetExSS include.

  • Longer-lasting – stainless steel is one of the hardest-wearing materials available, extending the life of this top-quality nozzle.
  • Greater Structural Integrity – no plumber wants to run the risk of a nozzle being compromised on the job. The JetExSS provides added security in the knowledge of the robust construction of hardened stainless steel.
  • Increased Cutting Performance – designed to remove blockages faster through increased front cutting action without sacrificing thrust.
  • Reduced Nozzle Length – with a reduced overall nozzle length, the JetExSS can be used in tighter spaces and allows access to blockages that were out of reach with the original JetEx.

The JetEx Stainless Steel Turbine Nozzle is a powerful tool for difficult blockages in larger lines. The turbine jet will obliterate organic and non-organic blockages like silt and slurry and sanatory chokes. The rear jets drive the nozzle forward and blast away the blockage, thoroughly cleaning the line.

Order your new JetExSS now and you can jet more effectively and with confidence!

View the JetExSS here.

Specifications (QC model)

Front Jets

Single, turbine



Rear Jets


Flow Index

063 (Nozzle Number)


QR, ¼” BSP Female

Pipe Size

 Ф50 mm Diameter +



Part # 


Min Flow

18 LPM

Max Flow

25 LPM


91mm Long (Including Connector)

Ф35 mm Diameter