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The Mustang Remote Mini Reel: Elevating Safety and Efficiency in Water Jetting

In the fast-paced world of plumbing, where innovation is key, the Mustang Remote Mini Reel, designed by Bill Miller, emerges as a game-changer. This blog will highlight the key features and benefits of this revolutionary product, showcasing how it not only enhances operational efficiency but also prioritizes safety for both operators and bystanders.


Key Features

Stainless Steel Electro-Polished Frame:

    • Built from stainless steel for durability.
    • Electro-polished to eliminate residual iron after welding.
    • Provides a clean look and prevents rust and staining.
Powder-Coated Reel with 6000psi WP Swivel:
    • The reel is powder-coated for resilience and can be
    • ordered with a Stainless Steel reel.
    • Equipped with a 6000psi working pressure swivel for optimal performance.
60m Premium Jet Hose:
    • Generous 60m length for versatile applications.
    • Premium Jet Hose ensures durability and reliability.
    • Pressure rated to 5100psi.
Mustang Stainless Steel Quick Release Coupler:
    • Facilitates quick and secure connections.
    • Stainless steel construction ensures longevity.
Safety and Efficiency Enhancements:
    • Brass Mustang Quick Couplers on the nozzle rack to store nozzles.
    • Rubber grip handle for comfort when carrying.
    • Balanced carrying point for ease of transport.
    • Sturdy base design with a curved base to prevent leg injuries during transportation.
    • Extended cast handle for easy isolation operation.
    • Heavy-duty isolation valve and high-pressure cast stainless tee for robust performance.
    • Mustang Pressure Gauge with Spike Arrestor for accurate pressure monitoring.
    • Hose protection spiral wrap to prevent hose chaffing.


Enhancing Safety from Real-Life Experiences

Bill Miller's inspiration for the Remote Mini Reel stemmed from a potentially hazardous incident. Concerned about the safety of a curious 5-year-old during a job, he decided to create a solution that allowed operators to stay at the point of entry without constant trips back to the truck, thus greatly reducing the chance of serious injury.

Continued Commitment to Safety

Bill's dedication to safety goes beyond the Remote Mini Reel. The product is part of a broader commitment to safety, leading to the creation of additional safety products, including the 'Safety Plate.'

Elevate Your Plumbing Operations with the Mustang Remote Mini Reel

Investing in the Mustang Remote Mini Reel from The Jetters Edge is not just a step towards operational efficiency but a commitment to a safer work environment. The product's robust features and Bill Miller's dedication to innovation make it an indispensable tool for plumbers looking to stay ahead in the industry. Ensure you explore the complete range of Mustang Nozzles and accessories in the 2023/24 Mustang Nozzle Catalogue available at The Jetters Edge, and experience the future of safer water jetting.