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Why You Need the Ridgid NaviTrack Scout Locator!

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The Ridgid NaviTrack Scout® Locator is a specialised tool plumbers use for locating and tracing underground pipes and utility lines. It offers several benefits to plumbers, covered below.

The NaviTrack Scout® Locator uses advanced electromagnetic technology to accurately locate and trace metallic and non-metallic pipes and utility lines such as gas, water, and sewer. This helps plumbers precisely identify the location and path of pipes underground, reducing the need for unnecessary digging or excavation.

By quickly and accurately pinpointing the location of underground pipes and utility lines, the NaviTrack Scout® Locator enables plumbers to work more efficiently. They can complete their tasks faster, avoiding unnecessary delays and reducing the time spent on trial-and-error methods. This ultimately saves both time and money for plumbers and their clients.

Another significant advantage of using a NaviTrack Scout® Locator is its non-destructive detection capability. Plumbers can identify the exact path of pipes and lines without excavation or invasive techniques. This helps preserve the integrity of the surrounding infrastructure and minimises the disruption caused during repairs or installations. 

NaviTrack Scout Locator

NaviTrack Scout® Locator provides precise depth measurements, allowing plumbers to determine underground pipes' exact location and depth, improving accuracy and precision. This accuracy is essential when planning repairs, replacements, or installations, as it helps avoid accidental damage to existing infrastructure and ensures the work is carried out with precision.

It also enhances the safety of plumbers by reducing the risks associated with blindly digging or excavating. Accurately locating pipes and utility lines minimises the chances of accidentally damaging other underground infrastructure, such as electrical or telecommunication lines. This promotes a safer working environment for plumbers and reduces the risk of potential hazards.

The NaviTrack Scout® Locator is a versatile tool that can be used in various plumbing applications, including leak detection, drain and sewer line mapping, and pipe tracing for repairs or installations. Its adaptability makes it an asset for plumbers, allowing them to handle various projects effectively.

The NaviTrack Scout® Locator offers plumbers numerous benefits, including accurate pipe and line tracing, time and cost savings, non-destructive detection, increased accuracy and precision, enhanced safety, and versatility in plumbing applications. It is a valuable tool that improves efficiency, reduces risks, and enhances the overall quality of plumbing services.

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