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Choosing the right Jetter for your business

When selecting the appropriate jetter for your business there are many factors that must be considered. It is very important that you spend the time to understand how these factors combine to impact which jetter offers the best solution to your unique requirements.

Mounting Platform

The first simple factor to consider is what is to be the mounting platform for you jetter.

Choose from,

Portable, Skid, Trailer, Turn Key and  Custom.

In deciding on this factor you need to consider how much you intend to use your jetter, can you afford the space on your vehicle, will others require access to the jetter.  Is the jetter required to be mobile and be used in multi story buildings or do you expect to use your jetter near your vehicle.

Jetter Specifications

The next factor to evaluate is the type of pipe work you anticipate the jetter will be required for and the type of blockages that are most commonly encountered by your customer base. This will determine the combination of motor and pump that you should select which directly correlates to the jetters PSI and flow rate.

Our handy chart below will help as you consider these factors. It illustrates the performance and ease of use of a combination of flow and jetting hose size, while also factoring a range of pipe sizes.  As you will see, when it comes to jetting, bigger is not always better, a common mistake.  When considering the types of blockages you expect to encounter, also remember the flow requirements of some of the larger nozzles you may require in you tool box.  


Comparison chart for guiding you to select the right Jetter for your job



Hot or Cold

What will your jetter be used for? Will you require hot water to use on grease, commercial, industrial or chemical work?

General observations

The larger the pipe you are clearing, the more flow you will need from your Jetter pump.

If the majority of your work is 100-150mm, a flow rate between 21-25lpm is ideal as you can use a small diameter 3/16” hose from a Mini Reel without overworking the pump. This smaller jetter hose will get around gullies, traps & multiple bends.

If a fair portion of your work is jetting lines 150mm and upwards, a larger flow rate of 31lpm would be an advantage in conjunction with a larger diameter 3/8” jetting hose. To make best use of a larger flow pump and jetting hose, the penetrating nozzles and root cutting nozzles need to be jetted to suit the extra flow that the pump puts out.

The bigger 3/8” jetting hose is not suitable for 90-100mm pipes as it is too thick to effectively go around more than a couple of bends. You can attach the 3/8” hose to a Remote Mini Reel that holds a smaller diameter hose for smaller pipes. If you are using a Mini Reel on every, a large flow pump wouldn’t be necessary as the full flow cannot fit through the smaller hose. The pump would be excessively by-passing.

The higher flow engine/pump groups are physically larger than the smaller flow set-ups and require a larger capacity water tank to keep up the water supply.

This will require more room on your vehicle. The higher flow engine/pump groups are ideally suited for trucks or trailers.

It’s important to set yourself up for the type of drains you are going to be jetting 90% of the time, not 10% of the time. Some companies may suggest you require a certain type of jetter, not because it suits your needs, but because that’s the machine they sell. Buy the machine that suits your business.

The majority of city and suburban based plumbers will be mainly clearing 50-100mm drains. Our most popular jetter, the Kegjet 25/5000 (50000psi @ 25lpm) is the optimum machine for this type of work.

Always make sure the jetter you are buying has an Australian wide dealer network warranty available on the engine, pump, gearbox and accessories. Don’t skimp on quality, buy the best or buy cheap and be prepared to buy twice.

If you buy solely on the cheapest price, you are the legal prey of the merchants who copy a product using inferior grade materials.

Engine  Options

The Jetters Edge offers units powered on the following engine options.

  • Honda GX690 
  • Honda IGX800
  • Vanguard 31hp
  • Vanguard 27hp









































































Flow L/min










Drain line Min or Drain Size range










Drain line Max










Flow index range




















Piston type




















Header Tank capacity










Fuel Tank










Fuel Type










Warranty Pump










Warranty Engine










Drive type


















































Wheel/ Skid










Low water shut off










Main Reel length










Mini Reel length










Feeder Hose